Vietnam LTL Line

Introduction: Special warehouse at the port, fast distribution and transshipment of goods, all diversion ports can be directly connected to corresponding ports to solve more receiving and delivery needs, professional fleet, dedicated line docking and transshipment, covering the whole territory of Vietnam.

Time limit: 1-3 days in Hanoi, 5-8 days in Ho Chi Minh

Operation process: delivery to Pingxiang warehouse---youyiguan port---langshan friendship port---Vietnam warehouse distribution---delivery to customers
In case of port congestion or control, our company will adopt a port diversion plan to deliver the goods to customers as soon as possible.
Diversion port
Puzhai Port (Pingxiang) - Xinqing Port (Vietnam)
Aidian Port (Ningming) - Zhima Port (Vietnam)
Dongxing Port (Dongxing) - Mong Cai Port (Vietnam)
Shuikou Port (Longzhou) - Tuolong Port (Vietnam)