New Silk Road Logistics expresses condolences to front-line anti-epidemic veteran volunteers

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Shengqi New Silk Road Logistics visits and condolences veteran volunteers who are fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention

"The more difficult and dangerous the further forward, the more we must stand on the front line" is the best portrayal of retired military volunteers in the epidemic prevention and control work. Shengqi New Silk Road Logistics visited and expressed condolences to the retired military volunteers who were fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention, and extended sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to them. Thank you for your days and nights in front-line positions, regardless of your personal safety, despite the sweltering heat, and caring for everyone. With your loyalty and responsibility, you have contributed the collective strength of retired soldiers to the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control, and built a strict line of defense for people's lives, health and safety.

The representative of the retired military personnel said that the retired military personnel will continue to carry forward the spirit of not being afraid of risks, daring to fight tough battles, bravely shouldering heavy burdens, and selfless dedication, making persistent efforts and perseverance, and making new and greater contributions to resolutely winning this war without gunpowder smoke.